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Boy band that you can remember

Boy band are always in demand in the music industry. May it be 3 or more members in it. Each has different personality or look that can create great impact for the group and to their fans. But unfortunately all of this boy band come and go but sometimes they reunite for the sake of their fans even they have already different path that they take after they disband the group.

Do you remember some of them and do some comeback or do a reunion as request by the fans?

I remember watching Menudo and New Kid On The Block. I love the way they sing and dance. During their time they are so famous and all their dance moves are great. Even the music videos during that time are not HD or clear but still they look so amazing.

After them from 80’s to 90’s there are a lot of group that come out. Girls go crazy idolizing them and making sure to go in every gig and concert that they have. They even make sure to buy items that have pictures of them in it.

There are these groups that have five members in it like Take That, ‘NSync, Backstreet Boys, Westlife, 5ive and four members like 98 Degrees, Boyz II Men, All 4 One. There are a lot of boy band still out there that are not mention but that doesn’t mean they are not good it just that they are too many to be mention here.

Today even they have disbanded they do some reunion like what Backstreet boys and Boyzone and still they sing amazing after all those years.